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Let's Get Connected

We’re glad to be on your spiritual radar! Our hope is to create a wonderful guest experience for you and your family where you feel welcomed, and more importantlyat home.  Here are a few FAQ to help you plan your visit to Real Hope Church!  


Q: What is it like?

A: It’s like one big family seeking to grow together in our walk of faith. You can expect a casual, informal and comfortable gathering. Everyone is welcome. No one is a stranger.  


Q: What About My Kids?

A: KIDZ ZONE is for ages 3-10 years of age. When service begins, we encourage you to worship together as a family. Before the sermon begins, kids are caringly guided to our Kidz Zone for crafts, games, and Bible fun!  


Q: Where do I park?

A: There is parking at the front of the building, and we encourage you to park there. We do have handicapped parking, both in front of the church, as well as handicapped only parking in the back.  


Q: What do I wear?

A: Casual comfortable clothes. The kind you’d go out to your favorite casual restaurant in. Of course, if you’d like to dress up a bit, the choice is all yours. We just want you here.  


Q: How can I get connected?

A: When you arrive, be sure to stop by the Welcome Center and fill out a Connect Card. This helps us to connect with you, and explore ways to help you connect and engage in the life of the church. There is a place for everyone at RHC!