Real Hope Church is a group of Christians who believe in the unity of all believers in Jesus Christ.
Our primary goal is to know Christ and to make Him known. We seek simplicity and Spirit Directedness that is open to the fresh and freeing movement of the Spirit of God. Doctrinally we seek to be Christ centered and carry out Christ's mandate to go into all the world preaching, teaching, and healing (Matthew 28:19).

Our congregation practices and enjoys its own autonomy; however, we voluntarily associate with the Church of God Reformation Movement that reflects a strong non-denominational policy and is headquartered in Anderson, Indiana in North America.

Listen or participate in the celebration through music and praise. We pray that every worshiper will experience God today. While some may clap or lift their hands, you may worship as you feel led.
The benches at the front of the sanctuary serve as our altar. There may be a special invitation given to come, but it is always open for you to kneel and pray.
Our Pastor will present a practical message based on the Bible, as it is the living and active foundation of our faith.
An offering box is located at the back of the sanctuary next to the entry way. Guests should not feel pressured to give. Regular members give offerings in love to support the work of the church.
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