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After months of searching and much prayer, Rev Cindy Magsig was unanimously selected as the leader we believe God has sent to pastor Real Hope Church (formerly Community Bible Fellowship) in Austin, Texas. We are grateful for all the men and women in ministry that applied for the Pastor position, completed the detailed application and met with us in Zoom interviews. Each brought various ministry strengths, gifts and goals; however, it was clear that Rev Cindy, more than all the others, has the calling, qualifications, experience, and talents needed to meet our unique challenges and requirements.

Our prayer was for a person steeped in Church of God beliefs and doctrine, a church builder, a worship leader, and someone with a pastor’s heart who could minister us though grief and loss. Rev Cindy offered concrete plans for taking action in each of these areas. With God’s help and our partnership, we believe these plans can become reality.

While pastoring our fellowship in an interim capacity, we saw Rev Cindy’s worship and preaching style, her love for God’s people, and her energy for moving forward. There is so much more to share about her life and calling to ministry.

Rev Cindy is born and raised in the Church of God and attended Mid-America Christian University and Anderson University, both Church of God schools, before graduating from the University of Texas San Antonio. She is currently serving on the Bylaws Committee of the national Church of God. Cindy and her husband, Ross, also worked at the Church of God Ministries headquarters in Anderson, Indiana for just over a decade. You can find Church of God beliefs to which Real Hope Church subscribes here.

Over the last 10 years, she has led a successful career as a hospice chaplain, ministering with the love of God to people at the end of their lives and to their families. It is a special person who can be the heart and hands of Jesus in such difficult times. Her calling to full time pastoral ministry, will expand her reach into our community and into a hurting world in many more ways.

Rev Cindy has been a church builder, most recently with Quest Church in New Braunfels Texas, and served in the worship ministry of Community Bible Church in San Antonio. Following her personal mission to share the life-saving message of Jesus Christ, Cindy founded and directs Surrendered Heart Worship Ministries, providing spiritual and emotional care to shut-in patients, as well as, providing musical outreach and witness throughout the region.

Rev Cindy has been very involved with community educational efforts in family growth and reconciliation (such as Journey to Freedom, Journey to a Life of Significance, Journey through Grief and Loss, Journey to a Life of Courage, Journey to Healthy Living, The Daniel Plan, etc.) including special education for teen parents. She plans to bring similar life changing, family building opportunities to the Austin community through Real Hope Church. We are eager to be a part of this important transformational ministry.

As in any ministry, the partnership of a spouse is a great support in many ways to both the Pastor and the church. Ross Magsig brings a tremendous amount of skill and ability in financial and other administrative areas. His support throughout this interim period has been invaluable to our fellowship after the loss of operational leaders. We so appreciate Ross as a godly man, husband, father and servant of Christ. Their adult children have also been a blessing at RHC.

Our members could not be more confident and excited for the future of Real Hope Church under Rev. Cindy and Ross’s leadership. We pray that you will join with us in welcoming them into this role and in supporting them and the church. It will be an exciting new year!

Learn more about Real Hope Church in Austin, Texas here.